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Welcome to a writer’s website.

The kind of characters I like to read and write about are people who are a bit brighter and more competent than most of us in real life, yet driven by everyday motivations and emotions.  Telling myself stories and spending time with my characters are pleasures I hope touch my readers, too.  The fiction I write is meant to entertain, to give readers a few hours of escape into interesting situations with satisfying endings.

The Bookshelf divides my writing into two types of stories:Quote: Fiction completes us...

The Iktalan stories take place in an invented setting – imagine a land combining the geography of California, the technology of medieval Spain, and the theology of pagan Rome.  These stories will appeal to readers of historical fiction or fantasy who enjoy exploring new settings in the company of appealing characters.

The romances, published under the name Marion Robinson, have contemporary settings (Canada, Hawaii, and Oregon) and avoid explicit sex scenes. They include a FREE short story.

Click on About the Author to read a little about my writing life. 

Unrelated to fiction, Headache Prevention offers a FREE e-copy of a pamphlet describing the techniques I use to prevent migraine headaches.